Special construction materials

Binders are materials with a fine degree of dispersion (e.g. powder). New working and material properties can be created through the type of binder.

Binders in construction materials are mineral substances, which achieve a high strength through crystallisation, or organic substances (e.g. synthetic resin dispersions/latex or 2-pack reaction resins), which cure through polymerisation.

In the construction industry, a differentiation is made between hydraulic binders, which cure both in air and under water (e.g. cement, mixed binder, hydraulic line (trass), plaster and masonry binder on cement/acrylic basis), and non-hydraulic binders (including air binders), which only harden/cure in air (e.g. air-hardening lime, gypsum, magnesia binder, loam/clay). Non-hydraulic binders are not water resistant when hardened.

Due to its many years of experience, the HENGE-Group is able to offer the appropriate solution for every building challenge, both in terms of product and for the logistics. HENGE special construction materials are used, e.g. in the following areas:

  • Sewer filling compounds
  • Mine filler mortars
  • Cementitious road binder
  • Industrial fillers

In addition, we also supply:

  • Granulated blast-furnace slag
  • Limestone powder

Special construction materials

Special construction materials from Henge