Special chemistry

Modern building requires new construction materials and innovative, additional chemical construction products. Creative developments lead to new use options for construction materials in all areas, whether new build or modernisation. For example, concrete additives can accelerate the curing time or, with the appropriate product systems, can increase energy efficiency.

Together with renowned partners in the construction chemicals industry, individually matched components were developed for our binder. As a result, we verifiably achieve.

  • improved dispersion of the binder
  • significantly lower friction forces between the binder and aggregate
  • a reduction in the loss of flow characteristics within the "open time"
  • a smaller amount of water required and marked liquefaction

The advantage of this is

  • the water-binder ratio is reduced
  • the liquid chemical is easier to meter and can therefore, be better matched to the different raw material properties
  • the screed mortar has a significantly lower segregation sensitivity and a more homogeneous appearance
  • a higher early strength and a longer durability is achieved

Special liquid chemistry

Special liquid chemistry