New and intelligent solutions are constantly sought in logistics, to reduce superfluous transport and increase efficiency. We work on economically and ecologically useful solutions, which combine maximum transparency with our philosophy for the benefit of our customers.

The result is the following advantages for our customers:

  • Ecologically and economically useful solutions from a single source
  • Safe, reliable transport arrangements
  • Short response times
  • Significant environmental advantages

Competent and experienced employees solve all kinds of different logistics tasks with maximum efficiency. Here the focus is on providing individual solutions, supported by a comprehensive logistics service package:

  • Reliable, on-schedule planning & scheduling of goods flows
  • Distribution and handling documents
  • State-of-the-art silo trucks
  • Transfer of bulk powdered goods from ships with our own suction-pressure pump
  • Storage of powdered, bulk goods in silos
  • Order picking individually packaged goods (part loads)
  • Bagging plant for bulk goods
  • Binder mixing plants, Offenbach